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Hotel Tempio di Pallade

The hotel Tempio di Pallade is in the heart of the Esquiline area of Rome, where Rome's largest square is to be found (316 x 174m). Built when the city became the official capital of the Kingdom of Italy in 1870. The project included the construction of enormous government buildings, vibrant residential areas built for the officials of the new administration, and new street networks.

The heart of the area is Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, an enormous square enclosed by monumental porticoes. Above the 280 columns surrounding the square are buildings planned to be at least 24 meters high with only three floors and with renaissance style facades. The architect Gaetano Koch is responsible for the buildings on the longer sides of the square which are much grander. Three roads start from the square (Via Principe Eugenio, via Conte Verde and via Emanuele Filiberto) and form a trident. This was meant as a tribute to the renaissance trident in Piazza del Popolo. The garden at the centre of the square has an 18th century gate at the entrance. It is a historically important square but also a vibrant and multi-ethnic area of the city.